Candidly Cleaning *REVIEW* Tommee Tippee Hygiene Range

I want it all, I want my cleaning and organisation to be thorough, eco-friendly, frugal and easy. Can I have it all?

Candidly Cleaning is an ongoing feature where I explore different products, cleaning tools, ways and means of getting my housework done. If there a magic way of cleaning, I WILL find it!


I was very pleased to be able to test the new Closer To Nature Hygiene range from Tommee Tippee recently. Hygiene when it comes to your baby is so important so I was intrigued about these items.

The technical bit:

What makes this range different from the others is the inclusion of a revolutionary new ingredient called Byotrol. I am not a scientist so I’ll tell you what the info says about Byotrol: “Byotrol literally pulls germs apart, ripping them open and utterly destroying them, and because of the way it is created, it keeps killing germs on surfaces for hours and days unlike conventional disinfectants which stop working when dry“.

The Mummy Review:

I was sent 3 products to try. The first, was hand serum.

I received the 50ml sized bottle of hand serum to test (this has a RRP of £1.99). It has a pleasant scent (although is meant to be fragrance free?), is a thicker gel so doesn’t squirt all over the place, (which is a waste), and is an ideal size for handbags, changing bags, pram pouches etc.

The hand serum is alcohol and bleach free, designed to be kind and gentle to your skin whilst killing 99.9& of bacteria & viruses. I use a hand gel / serum regularly when changing nappies out and about etc. The packaging boasts up to 6hrs of protection, which is impressive by any standards. One downside for me was that it made my hands feel sticky, unbearably so – meaning I had to wash my hands after using it, which defeats the object! This may be a skin PH “thing” or just me, as Roy used it and had no sticky problems, but a review is a review and these are my findings.

If not for the sticky feeling I would definitely use this and will probably purchase for Roy to use as he likes the reassurance of being germ-free.


Next up:

The Steri-Fluid. Now I love this stuff! I use a steam steriliser and each bottle is given a really good scrub beforehand but the extra reassurance this product brings great. Completely scentless (I worry about sterilising fluids etc leaving a taint and putting Taylor off). Retailing at £2.99 for 500ml, this is an economical solution, and you need very little (2 capfuls for very 3 litres of water).

The Steri-fluid also contains Byotrol, so is chlorine, bleach and alcohol free and sterilises with 15 minutes. The information states that the solution remains active for 24hrs, which is great long-lasting protection.

I will continue to use this product for complete peace of mind and to ensure Taylor’s feed-times are as safe as they are enjoyable.


Last but not least: Closer To Nature Soother, Teat & Teether Wipes.

I wasn’t sure about these, it seems like one of those products you “must have” but actually you really don’t need at all (like a babywipe warmer in my humbel opinion). However, I have realised that I am out of practice. Kieran is 4.5yrs now and I had forgotten the thrown/dropped dummies, toys, teether and more. When a little older than what Taylor is now, Kieran was a beggar for trying to suck on the front of the Tesco trolley as we went round. Yes, Taylor is just reaching that “if I can hold it, it’s going in my mouth” stage. This for us is where these handy sized wipes will come into play. they are completely fragrance / taint free and afford me that little bit of extra reassurance when out and about (because unless we are allowed to gag our kids or give them a “bit” like a horse), they will try and ram stuff in their mouths, and don’t seem to care if it’s just been on the floor. At £1.99 for 30 wipes, this is another winner for me.


So overall, these products supply me with peace of mind and the knowledge that I am doing my best to avoid unnecessary nasties near my littlest fella. To explore these products and the rest of range in more detail – visit the Tommee Tippee site and keep up to date with TT news on their Facebook page.

For those of you curious about the new ingredient visit the Byotrol info site.