Forman and Field Hampers for Food Lovers

Food hampers are not just for Christmas. I recently received a fabulous taster hamper from to review and was astounded by the quality of the contents. I would happily receive another or even give one away at any time of the year as there are a variety of great products to choose from.

Forman and Field

When the hamper arrived I was thrilled to find my goodies encased in this gorgeous sturdy hamper. Anyone who gets excited about interior design pieces or lovely storage will understand this.



Nothing however prepared me for the amount of food and treats contained which were of an obvious quality and tasted great. There were cheeses, chocolates, lemon curd (to die for), banana and chocolate breads, cake, potted lobster, some simply divine ham, a huge pork pie and two packets of the most sublime smoked Scottish salmon I have ever tasted.

I used some of the F&F salmon for my salmon spaghetti and it was truly delicious .
I used some of the F&F salmon for my salmon spaghetti and it was truly delicious .

Some Fishy History
It turns out that salmon is a big deal for Forman and Fields as H. Forman and Sons are Britain’s oldest salmon smokers having been producing finest smoked salmon since 1905. The “London Cure” smoked salmon that I used in the above recipe is smoked using a limited amount of pure rock salt and smoke from whole oak logs so that the salmon may still be tasted yet those enjoying it can enjoy a delicate smoked taste. Needless to say, after all these years I would say that they have most definitely got the balance right.

If you are looking at hampers as a gift idea for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even just to treat yourself I really can’t recommend these hampers enough based on my experience of their products and attention to detail.

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