Hallway Woes: Making The Best Out Of Your Entrance

*Not my hallway, nothing like my current dark, uninspired hallway. I have plans though to make mine look as inviting as this fabulous example.

I love my home, truly I do. I don’t, however, love my hallway. It is a dumping ground for coats, doesn’t get enough light and does nothing to inspire me. It’s time for a switch up in both the style and practicality departments.

Despite what people say, first impressions do count. So, when it comes to your hallway, you should make the most of the space you have available. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the rest of your property so it’s important to take care of it, after all, no one wants to be stumbling over shoes and coats after they come in from work, do they?

If like me, you’re looking for some new hallway inspiration these tips may help:

Hallway Flooring

The entrance to your home sees a lot of traffic. So it’s understandable if the floor has seen better days. Now is the time to spruce up your flooring and you can totally transform the space in an instant! If your hallway is on the narrow side or small side then avoid loud, busy carpet prints. You could add a touch of class or glamour with some hardwood flooring or keep things simple and maintainable with a simple laminate. If you’d like some more flooring ideas then click here.

You could always add a hallway runner if you don’t want to commit to full flooring solution. At least if it gets dirty, you can freshen it up again with ease! With two boys and a husband with big work boots, I need something serviceable yet nice looking.

Hallway Colours

You’ll want to make your hallway as inviting as possible, so your next course of action is to pick up that paint roller. Choose colours that are light and fresh, something like white or an off cream. If you’d prefer something not as sterile as white, or you envisage wiping mud and marks from the walls for the rest of your life then try a pale blue or a light grey.

If you prefer wallpaper and would like some kind of pattern, then opt for a large pattern; geometric styles are a popular choice. Just steer clear of small, busy patterns.

Introduce Some Culture

With your newly painted, light coloured walls, you’ve created the perfect canvas to hang some artwork. Whether it’s something calming, something bright or something that’ll evoke thought every time you walk through the door, hanging art is a great way to give your home a personal touch as well as a luxurious look.

Add a Hallway Mirror (Or Two)

Mirrors are a quick and easy way to add light and space to any room, making them ideal in smaller hallways. You can create a focal point with a statement mirror and check your lipstick with ease before you step outside and take on the day.

Hallway Organisation

There’s nothing more stressful then a messy room, and if your hallway is blocked up with pairs of shoes, coats draped on the floor, toys, wellies, the dogs lead and whatever else has found itself dumped there, then just getting inside your home can be a struggle! Keep everything in check with some easy storage solutions. High shelves, a table with a bowl for your keys, hooks for coats placed at various levels so everyone can hang their coat up without help!