Christmas Contacts

I love Christmas. Friends and family joke about my enthusiasm over the festive season and I have been referred to more than once as “The Christmas Fairy”. For me Christmas is about the food, the traditions, the getting together with family, the lights, the music (I do a mean “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree) and the fun activities.

We all remember the big things that we need to do at Christmas, for example, buy presents, replenish the decorations and get the turkey out in good time however how many of us remember to take the time to do one of the most important tasks of all? Sit down get in touch with people that you perhaps don’t get to see much during the year.

Letter writing for many is a thing of the past, as sending a text or an email is quicker and cheaper. Nothing is nicer though than receiving a card or letter that someone has taking the time to write and post, through your letter box. Hallmark greetings cards have cards that are suitable all year round and their Christmas collections are just gorgeous. Beautiful verses, traditional snow scenes, cute characters or even more modern designs that are well made and just look great when displayed, despite not actually costing as much as you would think.  Whenever we send a card we make sure we add a paragraph or two, just to ask after the reader and to wish them a sincere and very much meant Merry Christmas.

Christmas is all about family and friends, not about gifts really, and my 6yr old loves helping us to write the family Christmas cards. When he was younger he would add his name, kisses or a little picture and now that he is a “grown up six year old” he likes to write his own messages. Personally I think little things like this are what make Christmas special and I hope my boys carry on the tradition when they are older.

If you get a chance, do sit down and write a note to those who you don’t often see this year, they are sure to appreciate it.