February Half Term Fun

Half term

Half terms and holidays when you work from home are always a challenge in that unless you’ve taken the time off or booked childcare, you still need to work. I chose working 4-7am on a morning and pulling a couple of evenings so that I could enjoy some really laid back fun days with the boys.
It has been worth all the early mornings, late nights and what will be a ridicoulously busy week next week.

We’ve braved the rain and freezing cold for walks, blown bubbles in the garden, visited family and been shopping, made dens, enjoyed loads of board games, arts and crafts, cooking and baking and much laughter.

What did you do this half term?


Family day out – Roary the Racing Car LIVE

Half term isn’t half term for us without some sort of special outing. This half term has been no different.

Yesterday we (Kieran 5yrs, myself and Roy!) caught the train to York and headed for the Grand Opera Theatre to see Roary the Racing Car Live. The build up of excitement before the show was electric (Kieran was looking forward to it too!).  The show lasted 90 minutes including a short 10 minute interval and held Kieran’s attention from start to finish.

We all sang along, boo’d, shouted, pointed, ducked the water pistols and played with the king size inflated balls. Great fun for all the family. Find out more on the Roary Live website where you can see where you can find out more about the show and it’s stars, see clips and more. Don’t forget to visit the Facebook page for up to date news.

A truly fantastic family outing, the Cawood’s give the Roary The Racing Car Live show a big thumbs up!

I took this then a menacing Peter Kay voice told us to "PUT THE CAMERA'S AWAY!", so no sneaky peaks.
You can't go to the theatre and not have popcorn!
We did attempt a smiley picture but Kieran was distracted by the ice cream lady!


The show programme (£7) was packed full of games and puzzles, brilliant for the interval AND the trip home


Daddy enjoyed the puzzles too!
For £3 this Roary light toy was great fun and very handy for waving around during the songs!

Would we go again? Absolutely, and we’d take Kieran again too! The show kept Kieran’s attention, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Top entertainment!


*We received tickets to Roary Live in exchange for a review of the show. The write up is based entirely on our own experiences and opinions and no-one else’s.