Thinning Hair and Medications Available

Thinning Hair and Medications Available

Here’s a random post for you. What to do about thinning hair? It’s certainly not uncommon for males or females and can be understandably upsetting for both. This piece from Oxford Online Pharmacy is aimed at helping you and yours find solutions to hair thinning problems

Losing the usual 100 or so hairs from your scalp is fairly normal. When it looks more like a 1000 and new hairs aren’t growing back, it’s understandable for people to be upset and to be looking for ways to make the situation better for themselves. Pharmacies such as and others, whether online or land-based, need to be registered with the GphC to sell hair thinning medications and other pharmaceutical products. Keep this in mind when choosing hair thinning solutions as buying “off-shelf” could do more harm than good.

Committed to Excellent Products at Excellent Prices

Patients who purchase Finasteride for hair loss, for instance, want to know that they are buying genuine medicines which meet all the necessary quality standards required.

An online pharmacy selling medicines to the public also needs to be registered with the MHRA or Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. It’s important because people buying a product such as Finasteride for hair loss want to know that its a genuine product. Taking a chance with an unregistered online pharmacy may well mean a cheaper product, but the product could well contain fake products that are far removed from helping with hair loss. – a total waste of money.

Hair loss can be caused by extreme stress, a hormonal imbalance, from certain medications, simply from the ageing process, it could be hereditary, from an illness, from styling too much, or even from dieting so strenuously that your body hasn’t been receiving the right mix of vitamins and minerals. Without all the vital nutrients, your hair and your immune system will suffer damaging effects.

Tips Towards Healthy Hair

Beautiful hair is your crowning glory, whether male or female and to help it stay that way, there are excellent hair products on the market. They work to extend the life of your hair, to improve its texture and condition it at the same time.

There are several tips that can help you ‘nurture’ your hair –

  • Take a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, particularly if you’re not eating balanced and nutritional meals. Anyone under stress with ailing hair will benefit from a course of vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Try and give your hair a break from pulling and tugging it into the style you want. Hair extensions, intense heat that comes from blow-drying can also put tremendous strain on your hair follicles and can actually lead to traction alopecia.

What Other Thinning Hair Options are There?

There are these FDA-approved hair loss treatments of which Finasteride is one. Although it is well tolerated in men, the truth is there are some side effects of which some men will suffer. Some of the side effects are an allergic reaction, headache and a decrease in libido. It’s worth trying Finasteride though, particularly if you still have some remaining hair. It’s widely used and worth a go.

True, it has always been used to treat men’s hair loss, but doctors are using them now for their women patients coming to them with thinning hair issues too. Finasteride (Propecia) is taken orally and its job is to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

It is capable of preventing further hair loss and can even regrow hair. Most people, on hearing about Finasteride, want to start with it as soon as possible, and why not? If your hair loss is causing you untold misery and anxiety, make an appointment with your doctor so you can hand in your prescription immediately and start treatment.

Why not allow this hair loss treatment to take the road together with you as you journey into a more positive future regarding your hair.

Superhero Curly Hair Products

I have curly hair, thick, frizzy out of control curly hair. I’ve had it long, I’ve had it short, I’ve had a keratin blow dry (it didn’t work for me but then my hair is odd) and have spent thousands on hair products over the years. I have to wash it every morning and I NEVER blow dry it (the result isn’t pretty).

When you brush my hair from dry. On a good day. When the stars are aligned this is the best possible result.
When you brush my hair from dry. On a good day and when the stars are aligned this is the best possible result. Add blow drying to this and things get pretty wild.


As anyone with curly hair will tell you, finding a combination of products that works is like chasing a holy grail. I don’t know about you but sometimes I find a magical collection that works brilliantly (allows you to leave the house without a bag over your head) only to find that within a few months my hair has got “used” to it and no longer accepts it as a routine that will calm it.

Yes, I do refer to my hair as a person in her own right. Sometimes she can be a bitch 🙂

Anyhow – the magic combination of the month/quarter is as follows:

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner: Mythic Olive.


When it comes to shampoo I use whatever is in the shower, usually an anti-dandruff to help with the build up of constant product use. Conditioner is a must (I have to wash my hair every morning) and this is by far the best I’ve had for a while. It was £2 on offer in Asda (I think) although is available in all the usual places.

Pantene Pro-V Defined Curls (This is my Weekend hair mousse)


I have a fabulous  mousse I now use which is brilliant but very expensive (I think). This one does the job almost as well but is cheaper so is my “I’ll use this when I’m going nowhere or having a good hair day so don’t need the more expensive one” mousse. It was my main mousse before I discovered my new fave and does a  blooming good job with a true hold factor of 5.

Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Creme de Mousse

This is my latest find and is absolutely fabulous. I bought it on offer at £4.50 (ouch) but think it is usually £5. I found it in Boots and I love it! Being so expensive and given that I use a lot of mousse I use my cheaper Pantene Mousse (above) for bog-standard days and also to give my hair a break from the Elnett (I’m hoping this will extend the wonderfulness of the mousse for me). This one really does get 10/10.

Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Supreme Hold, Infinite Shine Hairspray

This is a great finishing product for me. I use a fair bit (spraying under, over and all around) but it doesn’t make my hair tacky, sticky or hard/brittle. It just offers a helping help I’d be lost without. The price varies, again I think I got this on offer for £2.99 from Asda, Tesco or Boots (Also check B&M for good prices on the larger sizes).

So here you are, my superhero combination.


Every morning I……

  • Wash
  • Condition (a 50p sized blob in the palm of your hand? I start at £2.50 and work up)
  • Brush my hair through while soaking wet.
  • Squeeze to remove excess then towel dry (never fully dry)
  • Apply mousse (Making sure the ends get enough)
  • Style (fingers and brush)
  • Spray with hairspray
  • Don’t move for 45 minutes in the hope that my hair will “set” into a gorgeous style 🙂

This is what my hair looks like when it’s behaving itself and with this combo I can replicate this most days.


Do you have curly hair? If so what products do you use and what top tips do you have? Us curly-haired beauties need to stick together!