Our night with Jon Gomm

At the end of the month it will be our 9th wedding anniversary. This weekend was the only one we could get a babysitter for the boys for so we used it as our anniversary night out. We could have gone for a candlelit dinner for two, a hotel for two, we could have chosen to do a whole variety of things just the two of us but instead we decided to drive from Thirsk to Grassington, in the Yorkshire Dales, to spend the evening with a group of music lovers who had turned out to see the fantastic John Gomm.

Being a fan of Mr Stephen Fry, when he sees someone on YouTube and declares them to be the dogs bollocks (in a more polite and cleverly worded way of course), I’m going to have a nosy. I am glad I did. His music is fantastic.

When we pitched up, I have to say I was disappointed at first to find that the venue was indeed a church, not a large stage or hall as I imagined it would be. Other artists who have attended or are due to perform at this year’s Grassington festival include Alan Davis, Billy Ocean and The South (Formally Beautiful South), well known names. As it turned out, he worked the church fantastically and proved that as an independent artist you don’t need a huge stage to grab the attention of your listeners.

The concert was excellent with something for everyone helped along with Jon Gomm’s own rather witty sense of humour. We had a fantastic time and hope to see him over here again before too long. Keep an eye on this fella folks, I think we will all be hearing a lot more about him.

More examples of his music can be found on YouTube and downloaded via his website.