A changing bag that goes with heels? Koochu! #review

I am the proud owner of two beautiful boys, 5yrs and 7m and on any given day when not working I can be found up to my elbows in arts and crafts and baking ingredients! I love being a Mummy! I can’t explain the fulfillment, the joy… any parent reading this will be nodding. However (there is always a “but!”), I also like being a woman!

I have been dressing in saggy jeans, saggy tops and well worn in shoes for too long now and have been on a journey of sorts to find the woman that used to reside in this body. The one with matching underwear and legs that were always shaved. Losing weight and sorting the “inner” me is being taken care of – today I’m talking about the window dressing that makes me feel like a woman!

I was sent a Koochu Catalina bag (RRP £105) to review recently. I was told it was a changing bag that doubles as a chic / grown up bag for Mum when she is out and about. A giant understatement .

The changing bag part of the bag is fantastic – it is roomy, with 9 compartments, two thermo-insulated pockets, a two piece changing mat including a soft towelling upper (both of which are washable), and has a purse which is attached (chained) to the inside of the back which I use for all the cards I “sometimes” use but that I don’t want cluttering up my purse. The exterior of the bag is faux level which is wipe clean and the inside can be completely detached (and cold washed) leaving you with a fantastic bag just for you.

I think I can safely say that as a changing back it is fantastic.

Now, as a bag for me… I love it. Whether I am popping into town shopping or going out with the girls (it happens occasionally!) it is  perfect. You see, in a normal week my activities stretch to two school runs, Tesco shopping, shopping and running errands in town. I don’t go far and with two young boys I’m not often gallavanting about the county in kitten heels but what this bag does give me is a chance to look and feel smart and fashionable every day. It doesn’t matter that my bag is filled with nappies and wipes rather than designer make-up, it still looks great, grown up and gorgeous.

I had a freebie changing bag with Kieran, it spent the majority of it’s ugly life shoved under the pram/pushchair out of sight. My Koochu is very much out and proud whether I’m out with my boys or out with the girls!

For the local lovelies that are reading, you can view the Catalina and other Koochu bags in the exclusive North East store, W H Watts. Visit them online or pop along to see these products “in the flesh” at 114 – 118 Parliament Road, Middlesbrough.

To view the full range and get a sneaky peak of the Autumn/Winter range visit the main Koochu website, visit them on Facebook for new and offers and say hello on Twitter.

* I received a back from Koochu to keep in exchange for a review. This is where Koochu’s input ends. My review is based on my own findings after using the Catalina bag over a period of time.