Friendly deliveries from Milk and More

I wouldn’t mind having that delivered (the groceries I mean!).

When I first saw the milk&more TV ads I was a convert. Milk and over 250 other key groceries and treats delivered to my door, six deliveries a week, online ordering, free delivery, regular orders or one off order…. it sounds fantastic.

Imagine my horror when I logged on and found out that milk&more aren’t currently operating in my area. Gutted doesn’t come close!

Fortunately milk&more do deliver to hundreds of locations around the UK and hopefully soon the ever growing rounds will include my town too (hint hint!).

I have said before that I am a big fan of shopping online. I dislike the in-store madness that comes with shopping with small boys, the temptation to buy more than I need and the trekking backwards and forwards. Food shopping online saves me time and money and the convenience is undeniable.

With milk&more you can update your order up until 9pm the night before a delivery (perfect if like me you sometimes find yourself doing packed lunches and finding that you have run out of just about everything) and have everything from bacon to tea and coffee, toilet roll and more delivered to the door. I like the idea of being able to have big brand goods such as Kelloggs, Innocent, Cathedral City, Heinz and more delivered as well as fresh good such as eggs and even veg boxes.

milk&more have an extensive range including milk (obviously!), bakery items, fresh food, food cupboard supplies, drinks and snacks, home and garden items, products for pets and more. With milk&more everything is delivered by a regular driver. Part of the charm of a milkman is having a familiar friendly face deliver your goods and offer a personalised service.

I love the idea of milk&more and sincerely hope they will offer the service here soon. If the idea of top quality goods delivered to your door appeals to you then have a look on the milk&more website and see if your area is covered. If not make sure you register your interest.

In fact, just so you don’t forget to have a look I’ll leave you with this classic tune. It’ll be stuck in your head all day, you won’t forget!