An afternoon of fun, with Greens!

Greens have revamped and re-released  their fabulous children’s cake mixes and we were sent two Green cupcake kit boxes for Kieran to make up, devour, and let you know what we thought of them!

The two boxes that we received, which were Tom & Jerry and Thomas The Tank Engine, were more than “just” cakes, they provided a whole afternoon of fun!

Kieran couldn't wait to get inside the boxes!
This is different! All the usual cakey ingredients and goodies but also stickers and a large double-sided activity sheet
As with all Green kits the instructions are easy to follow and Kieran loves baking independently - the only thing he needs help with is the oven.
With the cakes done Kieran spends time doing the puzzles and playing the mini games with Daddy
And by himself!
Then it was time to eat! Kieran loved the cakes! Yum!
Daddy enjoyed his pink Tom & Jerry cake too. Kieran was really proud of how well he did the decorating!

So cake, family time, independent skills, baking, puzzles, games and to be honest… some terrible jokes (the Thomas ones were the worst!), well worth the £1.69 RRP! Would we buy these again? Yes- the cakes were great on their own, the puzzles and collectible sticker really were the icing!

To see more about these, general info about Greens and more, pop along to the Greens website!

Cookies With Love from Greens & LOTS Of Fun! #review

When I was offered a box of bake your own cookies from Greens to make with Kieran, I jumped at the chance! We love cooking & baking together and this kit is just so easy that nothing can go wrong.

Or so I thought!

Take one Cookies With Love kit - RRP £1.69 and available in Asda & Co-op
Add one mischievous four year old
Let said 4yr old open the kit which contains cookie mix, icing mix, blackcurrant decorating gel & a heart shaped cutter which you can of course keep and reuse!
Ask 4yr old to CAREFULLY tip the contents of the cookie mix packet into a bowl, NOT all over the side!
Add softened butter and mix, then add 2.5 teaspoons (yes teaspoons, not cupfuls) & mix to form a dough.
Roll the dough out on a floured surface until approx 5mm thick
Use the included heart cutter to make 6 biscuits
Place on a baking tray
Bake for 7-8min at 190degress / Gas mark 5

THEN it all goes a bit wrong!


See the mischief? We got the giggles!

You are supposed to edge the cooled biscuits with the blackcurrant gel, then carefully drizzle the icing into the outline, cool then decorate with more of the blackcurrant in the pen.



We made a right mess, icing everywhere (including my hair!). But you know what… it was the most fun we’ve had in AGES!

Fortunately someone less easily led than me made a proper job….

On the upside:


They taste just fine!

A kit like this would make a fantastic addition to any Mum’s spoiling on Mother’s Day but would be just as great for birthdays, special events or just for everyday fun! We didn’t produce bakery grade biscuit, our decoration was um less than professional but we had a great time and that’s the best Mother’s Day gift I can think of… mischief, fun and then BISCUITS!

To find out more about Greens, their products and to join the Greens club & keep informed of offers and more, visit their website.

*We received a  Greens “Cookies With Love” kit to test and review, but my recommendation of this product is based on my personal experience of it. Also, Greens cannot in any way be held responsible for any mess you and your child may make whilst making these cookies.