Be My Fashion Wheel!

Do you remember this? It was fantastic – you could choose your head, top, skirt/dress/shoes – so many combinations, then colour and cut out your creations. I need a fashion wheel, a real one!

I am 28 years old, married and a lucky mum of two gorgeous boys. I work for myself at home, have a fab husband and all is good! Over the past 12 years I have gained so much – unfortunately I seem to have lost or at least temporarily misplaced my sense of style! And I want it back.

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows I’m on a bit of a reinvention road. I’m at Weight Watchers and am doing well, have picked up the exercise, had my hair all thinned out and feel great for it. Unfortunately – the body isn’t the problem anymore – it’s the clothing! For too long I have worn shapeless, colourless clothing, flat clumpy shoes and well…. looked crap! Don’t get me wrong – everything I currently own is tidy and symmetrical…. rather than scraggy and filled with holes, but thats the best thing I can say about my wardrobe. Seriously, my wardrobe just needs emptying out, next job on my list is to rent a Man and Van and have a big clearout!

Where do I start? I want to be a yummy mummy! I’ve made the first step myself and ditched my faithful but hideous and falling to pieces walking boots and bought some fab boots, low heels, higher heels, ankle boots and mid calf boots. Well it’s a start, fashionable feet!

I need a Gok, a walking fashion wheel…. something. Someone to help me!!! (And ideally someone who can win the lottery for me first as my clothing budget is about as substantial as an ice-cream during a heatwave!). I’m so out of touch fashion-wise I don’t know where to start, only to say I don’t do strappy and the last time I wore a dress I was getting married!

This is a serious one for me actually, for all the silly words. I am sick of looking like a scragbag – so I’m going to try and get out there and find my Fashion Wheel! If you a Fashion Wheel looking for a home, or a person/company who would do a good imitation and likes a challenge – pass them this post link!