November Movember Goalvember

I’ve written before about how I like the odd flutter here and there, be it via online bingo or one of the many sites which allow users to have a small bet and hopefully win a few pounds back. I don’t buy scratch cards, bet on the horses despite having our own race course here at Thirsk, I don’t do the National Lottery, or indeed any paid lottery however I do enjoy the odd bet here and there at times.

To say I’m an amateur would be putting the point across very mildly indeed but hell, why not? Some of the games are actually quite fun! The latest to hit my radar is the Goalvember game from online betting site Coral. Running for another week (Goalvember / November) players get to pick their football hero from a list of players on the site who will be playing during the week on qualifying games. For every goal your “hero” places you get a free bet. I’m a new customer to Coral so it would only cost me a fiver to place.

This game has tickled me great, mostly because I don’t recognise anyone! Seriously, Gary Lineker, Gazza, Peter Schmeichel or even Emlyn Hughes are all players whose names ring a bell (me and my two sister grew up with three football loving brothers) so you can tell how long it has been since I’ve watched a match! Given that I know very little about the form of these players it really would be a lotto of sorts however I can see why the football fans out there who are a little more in the know would find this latest game a winner.

For me they all look like supermodels, no cut eyebrows, long hair or a dirty face to be seen and yet I’m guessing with a few Google clicks I could find a hoard of stats on any of them that took my fancy.

Are you a football fan? Would this game be one you could win free bets from? I’m not knowledgable in any way when it comes to the great came however what caught my eye was the fact that Coral are paying a pound to the prostate cancer UK charity for every entry so for me this could be an enjoyable way to do your November Movember Goalvember bit.


I’m all for a bit of charity fundraising and if you can enjoy yourself at the same time (I struggle to grow a Movember ‘Tash) then why not. Will you be supporting Movember and Prostate Cancer UK this month?