Decade Birthday Shopping

On Tuesday it will be my birthday and I will be entering a whole new decade age-wise (yes people I will be twenty *cough*). In honour of this occasion I was sent out with my youngest sister along with my folks to shop until I dropped. It was quite an experience (I wasn’t confused as being my sister’s mother this time though which was a bonus) and we laughed like mini hyenas for the most of the day.

Setting out for pre-birthday shopping I imagined some spiky high heels, bling, a completely unpractical top and what not hitting my basket. Instead the bulk of my purchases included a gilet from BHS, some special jeans from SimplyBe that hide many sins and of course some kick arse waist-high control pants. I have to give special mention to the control pants. They were from Primark (the only thing in there that fits me other than the gloves), cost £5 each and I’m not convinced that they weren’t designed by NASA. Fabulous tummy-sucky-in things.

So there you go, no sparkly heels, no bling (saying that I did get a lovely early present from Lauren, my youngest sister which were some gorgeous silver earrings), and no flashy tops. I am greeting my next shiny new decade with a lifted bum, sucked in tummy, a comfy gilet  and can’t wait!

photo by starfire via PhotoRee