Zeek – Make and Save Money on Gift Vouchers

I way have been referred to in the past as someone who doesn’t spend if she doesn’t have to. These people are spot on and as I keep telling my two young sons it’s important to realise that money doesn’t grow on trees and therefore we have to be careful and mindful of what we do with it.

I was approached by Zeek recently who asked me to trial their app which may be downloaded for free via Google Play or the Apple App Store. There are two ways that you can use this app.


If you have vouchers sat around in your drawer that you know you won’t use (for example there are no stores nearby or it was a gift and you don’t use that particular store) you may now sell them on and use the cash however you want.  Simply follow the on-screen directions and information which will talk you through the process step by step.


Probably the side of the app most used is the buy facility which in my opinion is a wonderful idea. Zeek gives you the option to search for gift cards / vouchers at reduced prices (I’ve seen some with savings as high as 15% off face value).   Again the process couldn’t be more simple, just search for the type of voucher or the name of the brand you are looking for or search hot offers and then purchase and the cards will be checked and sent out to you by Zeek.


My Experience

I was given a Zeek credit code so that I could properly trial the experience as a customer, rather than tell you what I though it might be like according to any press information etc (thanks Zeek).

The App Itself

Firstly I was pleased with the ease of use of the app. I have an android phone, indeed I have an old android phone which throws hissy fits more often than I did as a teenager. My phone has no patience for clunky apps. I was very pleased to find that this app was cleanly designed, uncomplicated to use, quick and helped me search efficiently for the voucher I wanted. It isn’t too bad to look at either.

The Ordering Experience

Again, following the simple on-screen prompts, searching for the best deals available, buying gift vouchers / cards, finding your codes in your account section and more were all steps that were easily achieved. I ordered a Sports Direct gift card and a National Book Token gift card. I received email updates regarding the progress of my order and delivery information and within a few days everything had arrived as promised and was ready to use (and has been used with no issues).

Buying gift cards cheaper than you would elsewhere.
Buying gift cards cheaper than you would elsewhere.

I chose these particular codes because I had practical uses for them but also because these gift cards allowed me to purchase items online. I was pleased to see that as well as in store gift cards there were internet buying alternatives too.

My Final Impression

I can definitely see the benefits of Zeek. If you are buying in bulk the savings could be substantial (great for Christmas or if buying for a business reason perhaps). Even on smaller orders such as mine it was easy to save a few pounds on each card and I could have shaved more off the face value price if I’d looked at other brands.

Overall the app is very easy to use, quick, clean, you are kept informed and yet aren’t bombarded with emails etc after the fact (I haven’t had any post-sale emails, the app itself offers notification which you can see by going into the app).

Would I recommend Zeek now that I’ve used it? Absolutely. For convenience and saving money this is a great way to shop for gift cards.