Half term – Weather & Crafty Fun!

It’s Bank Holiday and Half Term. We have lots planned, although the weather has scuppered some of the plans, but we will use our time wisely! Kieran is a art & craft fanatic, the first thing he wants to do is dive into the craft cupboard on weekends and after school. I don’t let him of course, if he really did dive in, we’d never find him again – I have a bit of a craft stuff addiction it seems šŸ™‚

Now he’s four (ok very nearly five), I let him do what he wants craft-wise – he loves to just open the box and “create” as he puts it, and loves showing off what he’s done. Sometime though it’s fun for him to have some direction, so in honour of the Bank Hol weather that was his brief… “Why don’t you do something about the weather?”. You can see the results. He did a cracking job I think. I was kicked out of the kitchen so he could surprise me when it was done and I’m ever so pleased with the results. Ā Most importantly so is he!

We are submitting today’s piece into the gorgeous RedTedArt‘s Get Crafty Carnival (Kieran is very excited, his castle was included in the Royal Wedding craft one and his response was “Look Mum, I’m on a PROPER website”). TheĀ carnivalĀ is a great opportunity for the kids to showcase (show-off) their crafty achievements. They don’t have to be perfectly done, I believe the only rule is that the kids enjoyed themselves lol.

I’ll add a link when the Carnival goes live but in the meantime, why not have a nosy at previous carnivals and the huge amount of fab crafty ideas and how-to’s on the RedTedArt site?