What to Buy a Seven Year Old Boy

Kieran is seven years old in July. SEVEN! That just seem wrong to me. I remember every single detail of the day that he was born like it was yesterday so how it could be so long ago I’ve no idea. Before I fall into the “woe is me, my children are growing up too fast for me” tone of voice I wish to pick your brains about birthday presents.

We are struggling somewhat for what to get him this year. He has Lego galore – tubs and tubs of the stuff. If anything Lego he’d like one more Hero Factory set (only £9-£15). I know he wants some spy / secret agent “stuff” which shouldn’t be too difficult as he wants the usual coded notepaper, glasses and fingerprint kit and I might see if I can get some Inspector Gadget dvds to go along with this. What else?

When we’ve asked him what he wants he says he wanted new bedroom furniture (I’m not joking!), he has so many books and guides and encyclopedias that he’s asked for a new bookcase and he really could do with a new desk and chair however I don’t see furniture as a proper birthday gift for a 7yr old. That is something we will get just because he needs it.

He isn’t into Moshi Monsters, has done Skylanders and his big love is Club Penguin but the Easter Bunny gave him a subscription and magazine to that. He is a bit of a geek like his parents and of course loves Star Wars etc but I can’t think of anything special to go with that either. He has more books than I know what to do with and uses the library regularly so there is book buying out, he has a scooter and bike, has art “stuff” and a million matchbox cars and what not (we did Hot Wheels a few years ago – thank goodness that is over, you couldn’t move for tracks!).

So what do I get him? I’m asking all you parents, uncles and aunts and grandparents of seven year olds for inspiration. We can’t even decide on a cake this year. I need inspiration!


*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.