Dear So and So: April 20th 2012

Dear Fashion World.
Why, when bra shopping, do all of the decent not-too expensive bras have padded cups.
Really? At DD do I look like I need padding?
Steel girders is what I need,
NASA grade anti-gravity technology is what I need,
Padding, I do not.
Love her who can only assume the padding is to keep the *girls* warm in this unpredictable British climate.

Dear Rain

Kieran reminded me of a lovely rhyme to make you go away and come back another day.
It never worked when I was a kid so I’m trying my own version…
“Rain, rain…. piss off!”.
Love her who loves the rain really but not on the school run or for seven days solid.

Dear Taylor
Poor man! First a severe ear infection, then cutting back teeth, then a nasty allergic reaction to the antiobiotics you had for the ear infection leaving you looking like you have measles and more teeth.
You really are having a crap fortnight darling, I hope it gets better soon.
Love Mummy xxxx

Dear Kieran
Well done sunshine, you rocked this week’s swimming lesson. The practicing we’ve been doing has helped!
Just a minor point though…
Telling the little girl in your swimming class there “is no such word as can’t” and “You just need to practice more and you’ll get it” sounds better coming from my mouth to you, than your mouth to someone else.
Love Mummy xx
(Who is hoping she doesn’t get duffed up in the changing room by an angry 4yr old)

Dear Garage
Thanks for letting me book our car in for the MOT.
Thanks (again) for deciding not to ring me as instructed with the result and instead opt to wait to speak to “the man of the house”.
Thanks (read with increasing sarcasm) for sounding shocked when I rang you to see if there was an update and actually talking to me (a woman!) about it,
Thanks (dripping with sarcasm here) for starting the conversation with “Well… there is a fair bit of work to do, it could be costly”.
All the same, thanks (genuinely) for managing to find a way to do it for £300 ish, I expected it to be much more.
Love her who has brains and breasts and hates MOT time x

Dear Council
Sending men with lawnmowers to cut the grass on the Flatts at 9pm at night in the pitch black.
Really? It took me ages to work out what the noise was.
And also, why so late?
Is it cheaper to cut grass wonky at night than straight during the day? If so keep it up and reduce my council tax, if not…. pack it the hell in, it’s annoying!
Dear So and So...