Orchard Toys Giant Road Jigsaw #review

Anyone who has read Curly&Candid will already know that we are big Orchard Toys fans. I love the mix of fun and education that each product offers, be it a game or a jigsaw.

When Kieran was asked if he would like to try out the new Giant Road Jigsaw his response was “I love that lady from the toy place!“. I took that as a yes and before we knew it it had arrived. I wasn’t disappointed. Orchard Toys are very switched on. Product aside for a minute, they recognise what modern parents want; no huge half empty box filled with wasteful packaging, no fiddly plastic bags and ties. Fuss free and environmentally friendly from the off.

The jigsaw itself is as expected, a winner! This is very much what it says on the box, a giant road. The beauty of this jigsaw is that it can be used time and time again as there is no “wrong” way to put it together. We’ve had figure of eight roads, straight roads, under table and chair roads… Kieran can change it to suit where he is playing and he loves it!

Not just a plain road, there is lots to see and capture the imagination and already this has provided hours of fun.

And the best thing? Unlike the huge roads and rugs we’ve had in the past, it literally breaks apart and goes back into the box. Perfect!

At £13.50 this is a perfect playroom toy or gift. You can see more about this jigsaw and the other Orchard Toys items here, and can catch up with them on Twitter and Facebook.

For your chance to win one of these fantastic games keep your eyes on the fantastic TheBoyAndMe blog which will shortly be running a competition!

And you can use any vehicle on it 🙂

Review In Pics: Pop To The Shops – Orchard Toys


We were very excited when this arrived!
Kieran couldn't wait to get inside! He enjoyed the Shopping List game so much, and this looked just as fun!
Where is all the plastic? Kieran is just as pleased as Mummy at the lack of unnecessary packaging.
So easy to set up!
A great family game for fun and learning. Kieran is 4.5yrs old and this game is for 5yrs+ but it supports the numeracy goals he has at school right now.
Oh the concentration lol. Kieran is working out which coins he needs to use to make up £1.20.
As well as numeracy skills, this game is bringing out the money-making/entrepreneurial spirit in my son!
You can click here to go direct to the OT website and the page for this fab game, which rated very highly by our expert team of game players (And is currently on sale).