Is it Really Ok to Say What We Think Online?


photo by via PhotoRee

In this modern world we celebrate the fact that we have freedom of speech. With the exception of libel and what not we can pretty much say what we like. If we have an opinion we can share it… or can we?

Social media is a wonderful thing however sometimes I find that we are prohibited from saying what we think because some fear the wrath of the masses. Over the past year there have been many news items of note that have been dissected across Twitter and Facebook especially. Amy Winehouse’s death, the London Riots, Strikes and more have been hot topics and debate is good. Debate is healthy. What is neither good nor healthy is being pulled apart, verbally (in text form) abused or heckled.

This year I have seen some unbelievable messages posted around the internet.  I’m unconcerned with the rights or wrongs of each news story but have been appalled at how people have been so willing to tear a person down for having an apposing view. Surely if you have internet access and a Twitter account you should (in theory) be mature enough to know that vicious name calling (to the extent of abusing people’s families too) and blatant bullying is unacceptable?!

I suspect a lot of it comes from the anonymity that being an internet user can provide. People seem quite happy to hide behind the avatar or profile picture when I’m sure they wouldn’t act the same way face to face.

Do we still have free speech? Really? To an extent we do but if the online society continues as it is, many will stop using their right to utilise it.

I’d be interested to hear what you think about this, is this not such a big issue? Is it just me who feels that this social censorship could very well get out of hand?