Watchman William, Ghost Detective #Book Review

I’ve posted many times about how Kieran is a keen reader and loves to explore the world and new ideas through books. We are regular library visitors and have a great time choosing and reading books together. Every so often we come across something really good (or as Kieran says “cool”) and this book is right up there on the coolness scale!

For age 5+ this is the exciting story of Thomas and his ghost friend William who together are a dynamic (and at times amusing!) crime investigative team!

Kieran turned 5yrs in July and I’m told at school is above national average for reading. He couldn’t read this book independently, reading parts on his own but needing us to read the majority with him, however he understood the plot perfectly and enjoyed it all. It has been a favourite bedtime story adventure, chapter by chapter. As a parent I would recommend this is a fun book which kids will be itching to pick up and continue with. Kieran’s opinion:

I like this book, it’s really cool. I like William, he’s not a scary ghost, he’s Thomas’ friend and they are detectives. Some bits are funny and I liked the people in the book. I can read some bits on my own but Mummy & Daddy help with all the hard words. I like all the clues in the book, I think I could be a proper spy now!“. This is high praise. trust me.

Watchman William РGhost Detective (Diana Shaw) has a RPP of £5.99 and is available from major retailers and on Amazon (currently reduced!).


“I’m William and I’m wearing these clothes because I was a night watchman at the time of Good Queen Bess. I’m a ghost you see!”

With his young friend Thomas, and a great detective for inspiration, William sets out to investigate mysterious happenings in and around hardleigh manor, all with a little helps from his readers…

Can William stop the bucycle thief? Who is causing the sabotage at Hardleigh Hotel? Floods, false trails, enormous exploding marrows and suspect upended in pig swill – all in a day’s work for William!

Loaded with clue summaries, suspect lists and lots of action, readers can pitch in with the detective work and help William and thomas in their efforts to become great detectives.

Published by Inside Pocket.