The most simple & beautiful of guest posts “To My Daughter”

Today with the Royal Wedding there will be much pomp and celebration. Lot’s of detail, fuss and rushing about.

Today’s guestpost from Ipshita Chatterjee of Minor Edition is in start contrast to this, being beautiful in it’s simplicity. A poem for her daughter.

To my daughter Mini Edition


My darling gorgeous Mini,

What do I write about you?



You are my sunshine on a freezing day

You de-stress me with your endless giggle

You are the strength that makes my tiny home a castle

Your energy fills the house with happiness


You have been my

Inspiration that helped me start my business


Last week you surprised me

When I asked you

If you could give away some of your toys for the charity shop

You picked up some of your favourite teddies and said

You will give them away

We did indeed pack away a lot of toys and donated them later

And your face was lit with joy

I didn’t expect that!

I am proud of you


When you were seriously ill during Christmas,

I realised that nothing else is more important than


No amount of money or fame will make me happier than

Being with you


I may be

Tired sometimes and get angry at times

Sad (sometimes) that I have given up a few things I used to do before you were born


Please know

I love you and will always have the time and patience for you

Lovely! Thank you for sharing this Ipshita. Ipshita also blogs over at LilacTreeCreations so make sure you pop over and have a look!