Do You Touch People Enough? (This will disappoint the mucky-minded!)

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Nowadays Social Media has taken over the world! I tend to email pictures of the boys to family rather than take them round to show off over a cuppa, I tweet colleagues and acquaintances on Twitter and no longer attend business networking meetings etc. I text my Mum for goodness sake, she only lives around the corner! Be it because I am ridiculously busy these days working full-time from home, raising two boys, being a wife and running the house or whatever, but I definitely don’t have the same 1-1 contact I used to, and that’s quite sad really when you think about it!

Touch doesn’t need to be sexual or sordid, there are so many different touches, the feel of a newborn on your chest, the soft hair of a sleeping toddler on your cheek, the strength a held hand can give at a funeral, the soft fur of a favourite teddy which brings back so many memories when you touch it…! Touch is a part of everyday life and we need to remember that and enjoy the closeness of others, before we forget what it means and lose ourselves entirely in the cyber-world!

NIVEA recognises this and so have decided to celebrate their 100th birthday (100 years – impressive!), by celebrating closeness in 21st century Britain.

In honour of this 100 year anniversary Nivea have launched the “million moments of closeness” Competition on Facebook, they are urging people to upload a picture that means something to them and that shows a moment of closeness. There are prizes to be won so it’s well worth a go and is a nice way to celebrate a special moment, bond or relationship and show that socia media aside we can beĀ closer than ever!

My entry was this:

A picture of mw and Natalie, my partner in crime! We are both hugely busy Mums, bother working for ourselves but we always make the effort to see each other and it’s paid off, as despite living hours away from each other, we are as close as ever.

The competition aside (see the Facebook page for more info), there is a fantastic ongoing debate that you can contribute to run by Professor Geoff Beattie, live chats, events and more!

Pop along and see what the campaign is really about, visit the gallery and most of all don’t do what I’ve been doing, slowly withdrawing into the social media world and forgetting the importance of touch!

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