Make your business website work for you

Make your business website work for you

As a business owner, one of the most important things that you will ever have is your website. It is this which will showcase your services and what you can offer to customers who visit you. This will essentially act as your storefront and will be on hand to show what you can do, the products you sell and the services that you provide. You can show everything from your testimonials to your social media links and your details of how they can get in touch with you. As a website owner, you need to make your business website work for you.

Here are some top things that you can add to your website to make it more useful.


Make Your Business Website Work for you: Use Forms

There are a whole host of forms that you can add to your website that makes it more useful to the reader and potential customers who come across it. This could include contact forms or forms to get more information. If you run a business such as a tattoo or piercing business, you will need a Piercing Consent Form. By offering this online, people can read over it ahead of getting their piercing and it can save you valuable time on the day.

Forms are easy to make and if you have built your website on something such as WordPress there are a whole host of WordPress plugins that enable you to easily add forms to your website without any prior coding knowledge or information.

Don’t Forget to Display Your Testimonials

Testimonials are vital for any business as they allow customers to read what past clients have said about you. It is well known by now that people buy from people and this is why it is so important that you show other people’s opinions of your company and business. To get testimonials you could offer everyone that fills one in to be entered into a prize draw to win something such as an Amazon voucher. Display your testimonials on your home page or somewhere that they could easily be seen such as the footer or about us page. 

Include Your Social Media Links

Your social media is a great one to include on your site. Social media helps to lend authenticity to your brand and is a place where your customers or potential clients can engage and hear about exclusive offers or information that you might wish to share. 

Make your Business Website Work for you: Be Clear on Your Services

It is important not to get too caught up in the design of your website and include all the important information. Have a simple breakdown of all your services that is easy to follow and so people who visit your site can find what they are looking for right away.

These are just a few things that you can add to your business website to make it more useful. By making it more useful, hopefully, you can generate more sales too. What are some top things that you have added to your website that make it better? Let me know in the comments below!

Your Business Website Tips

Your Business Website Tips

Nowadays, it would be hard to find a business that does not have a business website. It is estimated that there are currently more than 1.5 billion websites now on the internet, which is a staggering figure, and raises the question, with so many sites out there, how on earth do you make sure your business website doesn’t get lost in the crowd?

There is no single answer to this question, but one thing that you can be sure of is that while almost all businesses have a website, not all websites are created equally. For every fantastic business website out there, you will find one that is sub-standard. If one of these sub-standard websites happens to belong to one of your competitors, you have a prime opportunity to use your website to gain a competitive advantage. Even if your competitor has an all-singing, all-dancing website, there are still plenty of opportunities to make yours even better. Here are some of the ways that you can create a business website that is designed for success.


The Importance of Consistent Branding


Your business website is the perfect place to showcase your brand. Within your site, you can pull together all the elements that make up your brand and present them in a way that says exactly who your company is and what it is all about. Your website is the ideal place to strengthen your branding, increase brand awareness and establish a strong brand identity. To achieve this, consistency is needed. A cohesive brand offers a shortcut that lets customers know all they need to about your business. Branding communicates your values, your products, and who they are aimed at.


To create a cohesive brand, you need to incorporate many elements. These elements include; the tone of voice, logo positioning, and the colours used.


Meaningful Content On Your Business Website


A visually pleasing website is always crucial to the design, but the content that you populate the site with is vital. 

The content that you add to the site needs to be meaningful to your target audience; it needs to be relevant and add value to their experience on the website. Meaningful content is what will keep people reading and moving through pages within your site to find out more. This kind of activity will help to build authority, and if that content is optimised, your SEO performance will be enhanced. Content marketing can be a hugely successful tool, but it is not easy to do it well. To achieve the greatest success, it is a good idea to call in the professionals, such as the Content marketing agency Digital Score.


Use Quality Imagery


Poor quality images can make your business website seem unprofessional, so this is something to keep in mind. Ensure that your product photography, headshots, and all imagery that you include on your site are high resolution, as well as correctly sized. If your website also acts as an e-commerce store, you will need to ensure that the photographs you use are able to show your products to their full potential.