Netmums and Me!

If you use the internet and are a parent, trying to conceive or are pregnant, you’ll have heard of Netmums (unless you live under a virtual rock!). What do you actually know about Netmums though?

I’ve been a Netmums user on and off since I fell pregnant with Kieran (so 2004). During that time Netmums has evolved into the parenting site to rival all others.

More than “just” a forum, Netmums is packed full of useful features, and is easy to navigate which is ideal for me who is a Mum without a huge amount of time, but who still needs information from time to time. I love the fact that I can set my page to my local area so that I can receive relevant local info as well as national. Days out, local services and news are just as important as the world-wide going-ons and it’s great to be able to access these without fishing around different sites. In fact, that is one of the big plus points about Netmums, at the risk of sounding like a cheesy carpet store advert – you really do have everything you could need or want all under “one roof”.

My favourite sections (those that have been the most helpful to me!) are:

What’s On? Local event’s and days out which I can view by month. A great way to find places for the kids to go, whether you are planning in advance or wake up and fancy a trip.

Noticeboard. Another local feature where local parents / carers can post offering information, asking for help. This works brilliantly alongside the forums (Coffee House) which has much more information but for a quick answer or short-dated info, this is the place to be.

Work & Finance. I don’t visit this section much any more having transformed myself over time into something of a frugality / moneysaving fan but when I first decided to leave my previous career behind to be at home with the then newborn Kieran, this was a well of easy to understand information and resources.

The Parent Bloggers Network. As well as being part of the network (which means my posts go out to Netmum members on the site) I have found some fantastic new (as in to me) blogs that had up until recently had fallen under my radar. There are some very talented, witty, funny and intelligent people out there!

Nearly new. Some great bargains are to be had here! Again a local feature where you can buy, sell or giveaway items. No fees or complicated set ups – just an easy to use way to shift the clutter.

Great content! Throughout the site there is great, regularly updated info, how-to’s, news and pieces of interest. A great way to keep in touch with what is going on it the world around you!

These are just a few of the fantastic things you can find on Netmums! What I do very much like is the atmosphere (if that makes sense?). This is a well run, glossy, up to date side that identifies with what parents and carers want – I know this because they are constantly asking us what we want! There is no moaning and bitching, just an easy to use place to find info to make your life that bit easier or for fun and relaxation. We’ve found some great family friendly recipes, games and projects on Netmums!

If you haven’t visited, or haven’t been by for a while, why not pay a visit? You can also say hi to the Netmums team on  Twitter.

*I haven’t been asked to write this, I asked Netmums if they minded my doing a write-up of my personal experiences and if I could pinch a logo or two. These are my own thought based on my own experiences.