Otrivine and Stuffed Up Nostrils (& Fun Nasal Facts)

I know I live in the UK and I know naff weather is part and parcel of that but COME ON! We’ve had a ridiculously mild winter temperature-wise and I firmly believe that the lack of freezing alongside the constant wetness is what has had us all (ok mostly me) struggling with a constant cold.

This isn’t a full blown cold that you struggle through for 3-4 days then start to get better, oh no! This is the constant stuffed up, bleurghy cold that seems to linger for weeks and weeks.

The lovelies at Otrivine (obviously sensing my frustration) have been in touch and offered me some fabulous information about my nasal discomfort (quite intertesting stuff actually, have a read of the fun facts and info on the infographic below). I’ve never used a nasal spray before but am fed up of the pressure now and am killing forest after forest with my tissue use so it’s certainly something I’d try.

I’ll be reporting back, hopefully with wide open nasal passages soon hopefully. My question for you today though, while I struggle through and wait for the Otrivine spray to arrive is this:
When you have a cold what is the one non-medical thing that conforts you? Is it a warm bath, do you like to sleep it off, is a warmed wheat bag on your face a winner or do you simply try and rest and keep your spirits (as in your mood, not your gin glass) up?

Otrivine Did You Nose It Infographic v3