Shopping for Babies

(This is not a post about buying actual babies!)

This is a post in part for my readers who may be expecting, have a little one already or have nieces, nephews, grandchildren and what not that they want to spoil. It is also for my sister who will be giving me my own niece to spoil this October (her first child and the first girl after five boys including my two!).

Since learning that I am to be an auntie again I have rediscovered the love of baby shopping. Even better, I think I am enjoying it more as this time I am 1) looking for girly stuff which is new and 2) I don’t have to think about blankets, blinds, nappies and all that boring stuff. What an eye-opener.

It turns out that there is a whole world of difference between buying for your own kids and buying for someone else’s and I’m loving exploring this! For example, these Accessories for Babies are simply fabulous. I adore the infant Converse shoes (and am sure my sister will too, seeing that she has a bit of a shoe collection herself).  While I’m not fond of seeing little boys and girls dressed as miniature adults some designers manage to bridge the gap between baby and adult wear in a very cute way!

Lilly and Sid have also caught my attention, mostly because they are just a little bit different and yet don’t cost the earth. While I love picking baby bits up I am also very well aware that my two didn’t stay in one size for very long as babies grow so quickly. Remembering this I’m finding myself reluctant to pay out for expensive baby clothing when if I shop around I can get two gorgeous outfits for less money which are just as pretty and last longer. A no-brainer really!

My question for you lovely folks today is this…. What did / do you enjoy most, buying baby things for your own or baby things for others?


Converse Infant booties from KiddieWow


This post was written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet it is true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.