Aromettes Duo from Douwe Egberts (and my Mum)

There is a longstanding joke in my family, that you must not talk to Mum before she has her first coffee on a morning. At least I think it’s a joke?? I don’t think anyone has ever tested it out. Anyhow, what this boils down to is that Mum is a coffee expert. She doesn’t work for an international coffee house, oh no… she has raised six children. You don’t do that and keep your sanity without some help, and for Mum that comes in the form of coffee.

As a coffee expert, my Mum can sniff out quality coffee a mile off. No cheap and nasty rubbish for her (personally if it’s warm and wet and vaguely resembles coffee I’m satisfied)! Now I have sampled a fair few cups of coffee made with Aromettes Duo and can honestly report this lovely stuff is very nice (you can see why I got Mum involved in this can’t you!). Here are her findings / review.

Aromettes Duo – What are they?

Aromettes are– 30 individually pressed ground coffee servings in the shape of a bean, one bean per serving, and can be used in pretty much all coffee machines, makers and cafetieres. The two types currently available (exclusively to tesco) are Smooth Aroma which has a strength rating of 3/5 and Intense Aroma which has a rating of 5/5.


  • You can mix and match the two strengths in your machine or cafetiere for different strengths.
  • One big plus point was the lack of having to measure out your coffee, you need just one bean per cup. There is no need to guess and less waste.
  • These Aromettes produce the same quality Douwe Egberts flavour you would expect. As soon as the hot water hits those beans that famous aroma is released.

Most importantly, they have the seal of approval of my Mum, there really isn’t a better recommendation. After all, Mum knows best!

To see more about this product and others Douwe Egbert offer, why not pop along to their website and along to their Facebook page to be kept up to date with news and offers.