The Dodopad Acad-Pad Personal Size Filofax Insert

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a big Dodopad fan and this post is about my newest love, the Acad-Pad Filofax insert.

Filofax Acad-Pad

I adore my Filofax. Roy bought this one for me for Christmas about seven years ago and it is a trusted friend. I also adore my Dodopad (I use one daily for work and wouldn’t be without it). The Acad-Pad give me the opportunity to use the much loved Dodopad format on the go and at home as part of my everyday diary.

I’ll be honest, having seen the Filofax version on the website before I did think that the boxes would be too smalland I would have to use symbols and a special key to get the info I needed in however I’ve worked out (genius) that if I write just a little smaller, as I would in a Filofax diary anyway, everything fits. The Acad-Pad still has the doodle page which is ideal for on the go note, scribbles and reminders, I have “Check school uniform and sports kit” the week before school restarts for example.

Starting to fill in the days which despite being very busy for us don't need a massive clumsy diary to record them.
Starting to fill in the days which despite being very busy for us don’t need a massive clumsy diary to record them.

For me this format is perfect for recording family info such as which child is in childcare and when, important school dates, appointments, trips and everything else that comes with life as a busy family. For students this fab format would work much the same way and is quirky and colourful enough for everyone. I love the fact that I may still enjoy the weekly quotes and fun facts the same way that I do with my full-sized Dodopad.

So there you go, it would appear that I am a convert, the Acad-Pad is already a firm favourite of mine. I should have written this a week or so ago to be honest however have been too busy playing with it.

The Acad-Pad Filofax may be found here and currently retails at £10.99. Make sure you have a nosy at the Dodo-Facebook page to keep up to date with news,offers and more.


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Covers available separately.


Now I need to decide what Dodo-product to try next…..