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Self-care is not just a fad for Instagram. The same goes for mindfulness. Yes, pretty pictures of bubble baths and Hygge book front covers are fabulous (I’ve taken both.). A proper self-care routine, a collection of self-care moments, as well as a good dollop of mindfulness is, however, essential for physical and mental health.

I appreciate that I waffle on a fair bit about mindfulness. I completed a mindfulness diploma earlier that year and it makes a big impact on my life. Mindfulness and self care do tend to go hand in hand for me however this post, or series of posts is about self-care as a whole.

What is Self-Care

Self Care is the act of doing something for yourself, of enjoying a simple pleasure, some time out, rest and relaxation, an invigorating activity you enjoy. The idea behind this is that you choose to do something that helps you recharge physically and/or mentally. It’s about relieving stress and pressure and about focusing on the positive.

I think that we can all agree that with such busy lives, prioritising self-care is a must. 

The Self-Care Series

I am currently on annual leave from my freelance work. I didn’t prioritise my self care, my me time and pushed myself too far. I was shattered, headachy and stretched to the limit. I experienced my first migraine and was physically and mentally worn out. Had I spent more time and thought on my self care I might not have had to take an emergency break, which is pretty much what this was. I plan work and time off months in advance. I realised I needed a break badly and gave myself just a week to limp on and win up work.

The purpose of this series is to promote a number of ways to look after yourself, body and mind. I’ll link new blog posts up here when they go live. In the meantime I’d love, to hear about what you consider self-care and why it is important to you.

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