Sharing Your Own Childhood Reads

reading, Ladybird books, story time

I’m very lucky in that both of my children are keen readers / enjoy story time. Taylor starts school in September and I look forward to him learning to read for himself and Kieran constantly has his nose in a book!

This is a quick post to share something that tickled me greatly last night. I chose this fabulous somewhat weathered copy of The Magic Paintbrush from the bookshelf for Taylor’s story last night. Within minutes I had Kieran perched on the end of the bed listening too.

This was one of my favourite books when I was little and this is the very same copy I enjoyed. Kieran loved the story as well as the pictures and the history behind the book when he was Taylor’s age and so it was great to see them both so keen to share one of my childhood reads.

Have you re-read any of the books you enjoyed when younger with your children? We have plenty to get through! While Taylor is¬†lapping up my old Ladybird books and Kieran my¬†old books more suited to his age I’m not sure either will share my love for The Chalet School!