Homebirth- Do I, Don’t I?

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with baby 2 (due early Dec). My birth experience with Kieran (now 4yrs) wasn’t exactly what I expected! I went into labour a week early (the head wasn’t engaged the day before!) and less than 2.5hrs later, my son was born. Yup THAT quick. I have been warned that this time, being my second child, I could be looking at anything from a half-hour top to bottom birth. This idea doesn’t much excite me, especially as it is a 20minute (on a clear road) drive to the hospital, I am due in Dec (think snow and ice), I have my son to decamp elsewhere, and the hubby who works nearby occasionally drives for them too so could be bloody anywhere…
So, taking this into account you would think a homebirth, as offered, would be the sensible thing to go for. I know this – I am a practical person (I’m a Mum- I have to be lol) but oh I don’t know (whingy voice). I just have my reservations, I feel I would be less concerned about something going wrong if I was in hospital, I don’t much care for one of the local community midwives (we have two!), but then I could get anyone at the hospital! My house is small, but then the labour room isn’t huge, would I worry about the house (etc) being perfectly clean and tidy all the way up to the end of pregnancy? (so don’t need to be worrying about this although my house isn’t a tip!). I couldn’t give birth on my bed (tiny bedroom, only one side accessible lol), but if it’s that quick….!?!
I’m not sure what the exact deadline is but I’m pretty sure I need to let the midwives know soonish what I want to do (currently down for hospital). I really would love to hear other people’s thoughts/experiences – both positive and negative. I’d really love someone to say THIS is what you are going to do lol, but obviously this needs to be an informed choice I am completely comfortable with so tell me ladies (and gents too – I have my husband to think of in this too, although he will support me 100% in what I want to do).
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
(Come December when I have a 40hr labour we’ll all laugh at this post!?

REVIEW: NYR Organic Rose & Mallow Moisturiser & Citrus Hand Treatment

NYR Organic
What is NYR Organic? Natural health & beauty, incorporating what nature provides into our everyday routines. All their products are designed, tested and manufactured in the UK, the factory used is an eco-factory and they have been certified by the Uk’s leading organic organisation, the Soil Association, since 1991.
NYR has an extensive range of hair, skin, beauty, aromatherapy, mum & baby products (and more), which are sold primarily via independent consultants (like Rachel) via catalogues, parties, events and via website sales.
Two products reviewed:
Rose & Mallow Moisturiser. Organic marshmallow and luxurious rose absolute smooth and balance the skin while the vitamin rich blend of carrot and almond revitalises and rejuvenates. Use morning and night as part of a skin-care regime, or apply regularly throughout the day. Price: £19.50 for 50g.
My rating: Rating 3.5 out of 5. This moisturiser absorbed very well, and is certainly economic. I used this over a few days and would call this a generally good all day moisturiser for combination skin that did not leave you greasy and had a very pleasant but not overpowering scent. Actually the scent is quite a nostalgic one but I can’t for the life of me think what it reminds me of!
Citrus Hand Softener/Treatment
Directions Apply to dry, rough or cracked skin of the hands (knees or feet!) as required to soothe and soften.
My rating: 4.5 out of 5: I loved this! The scent is very clean and fresh without being overly strong and it certainly is a very effective moisturiser/ softener. I would recommend this for night use and perhaps with moisturising gloves for best results but not so much as a day cream as it is very intensive and perhaps a bit too slick for daytime use. I didn’t use it on my feet, but with hindsight I wish I had as I imagine it would a great product for my heels!
How can I get my hands on these products?
Contact Rachel Thornton. An independent senior consultant for recommendations, to see a catalogue  , book a party and with general enquires about products and ingredients. You can visit her website directly and you can email  with any queries 
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