Looking After Your Garden in Summer

Looking After Your Garden in Summer , gardening

The summer is the time when you want to enjoy your garden the most, it is also the best time to cultivate your garden and treat the plants, trees, lawn, and flower beds so they thrive during the summer weather. In this blog post, you will find out how you water your garden in the right way and what measures to take when the weather is good to ensure your garden stays beautiful. Looking after your garden in summer might seem like a lot of work but the benefits are many.

Water wisely 

People tend to think that more is better when it comes to watering the garden, they might also get confused about watering the containers versus watering the trees and grass. Both areas of the garden require different watering approaches. 

Although your containers need water regularly that isn’t the case with trees and plants with deeper root systems. These plants store water more easily and are sensitive to overeating. Only water these once a week. 

Look after containers 

Unlike plants and trees in your garden, your containers need more regular attention. They have smaller root systems and are usually bedded in less soil meaning they dry out more quickly in the sun’s direct light. 

If you sit in the garden regularly on your own or with your Live-in care you will want to enjoy the colours and presence of your garden flowers. To maximise the effect of garden flowers, water your containers daily to keep them healthy. 

Looking After Your Garden in Summer : Tree surgery 

Over the winter there is a lot of precipitation coupled with sunshine here and there. Most people don’t keep on top of their garden through the winter and this causes them to grow extensively in all directions. This can cause some issues in the summer. 

First of all, your summer garden won’t be as beautiful or easy to enjoy. You will have overgrown trees and foliage that needs to be taken care of by a tree surgeon. The summer is the best time to have your garden treated in this way and to get it ready for the winter again. 

Lawn care 

The lawn is the centrepiece of many gardens and it’s tempting to cut it in the summer when the soil is dry. Actually, this is not the best thing to do for your lawn in the drier months as it dries out the soil and can make the grass turn brown.

It’s much better to let the grass grow longer in the summer when the blades can capture the moisture and keep the soil damp. Instead, look for a dry day in autumn or opportunities in winter to cut the lawn. 

Looking After Your Garden in Summer : Remember to weed 

Looking after a garden is not a once a year activity, you need to take care of it regularly to get the best results. That means taking care of the weeds that threaten to steal important nutrients for your other plants and take over your garden. I’ve invested in an electrical weed burner and I wouldn’t be without it.

The summer is a good time to take care of the weeds in your garden, the weeds will be easy to see and you can uproot them by hand or use an eco-friendly anti-weed product to kill them off.

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