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Communication is such an important part of our entire lives. It’s how we form relationships, build families, and keep our friends for many years. Yet great communication in business is also a fundamental part of running a successful enterprise, although this doesn’t get talked about as much. All the aspects that make communication so vital in the rest of our lives are also what make it such an important part of businesses. From inter-business conversations to internal problem-solving to communicating with customers and dealing with complaints, clear and friendly communication can make the difference between success and failure.

Inside Your Business

Before talking with anyone from the outside world, the first key to great communication in business is ensuring that employees within the same company have clear, effective lines of contact. This is why, even in an age of mobile phones and internet calls, many businesses still use Panasonic Telephone Systems to facilitate secure internal conversations as well as those to outside lines.

With clear communication in place, employees will work more effectively together, able to solve problems more quickly and divide labour efficiently. Effective communication in business aids improving morale and motivation across the board. On the flip side, poor communication can lead to crossed wires, and people unintentionally working at cross purposes. This can be a colossal waste of time and effort, not to mention dispiriting for all those involved. Just like communication is key to raising a family, it’s also key to keeping a business feeling like an effective family.


Businesses do not operate in a vacuum. At some point, you or your colleagues will need to interact with another business, whether this is to purchase goods, collaborate on a product, or for services such as marketing or delivery. It’s important to understand that each business will be working to its own agenda – this is a fact of life. You will each be trying to save money, preserve your reputation, and come away with the best deal possible. Yet with clear communication, there’s no need for your needs to be in competition. Being honest about your business’s priorities will keep relationships smooth and clearly understood – and when it comes to collaboration, constant updates and conversations are the best way to ensure you always remain on the same page.

Communication in Business: Talking to Customers

Customers, customers, customers! For many businesses, they are your lifeblood. And yet, just one bad interaction with a customer can lead to negative reviews, plus losing their custom forever. For this reason alone, it’s important to have great communication skills when it comes to speaking with the public: this means great listening, understanding, and responding with relevant answers ASAP to any concerns. Many big brands are using social media nowadays to build fun, honest lines of communication with their customers, and this can be a great thing to take inspiration from. Ultimately, if you can cultivate a personal approach with your customers and become a business they trust, you will have built a relationship that will keep you going for many years to come.

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