Starting A Window Cleaning Business

window cleaning business

If you are interested in starting your own business, the first place you always need to begin with is with an idea. If you choose something that is always going to be in demand, you have got a pretty good chance of being successful. This is most certainly the case with window cleaning businesses. After all, there is never going to be a day whereby we don’t need windows. And, there is never going to be a day whereby we don’t need them to be cleaned.

Your Window Cleaning Business Options

When it comes to starting a cleaning business, you can get going by yourself. However, with window cleaning, there is a lot of equipment that needs to be purchased and there is likely already going to be competition in your local area. It is worth looking into franchise cleaning businesses so that you can see if there are any opportunities in this regard. With this, you’re going to have an existing business model that is ready to go. Therefore, the chances of your business being a success are going to be a lot higher. 

An Introduction To Window Cleaning Business Insurance

If you run a window cleaning business, you simply need to have window cleaning liability insurance in place. It is as simple as that. Do you really want to put your business at risk? Could you afford a claim made against you without insurance to cover the costs? This is the sort of thing that can result in business closure, and, therefore, it is clearly not worth the risk. 

If you take a look on the Internet, you will see that there are a lot of companies offering window cleaning insurance. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should go for the cheapest or the first policy you can find. Instead, it is advisable to use the services of a company that specialises in cleaning insurance specifically, as opposed to a general insurance firm. This is especially important if you have special requirements that need to be accommodated, for example, you may need the insurance plan to cover an increased height limit than standard policies do. 

The importance of choosing a policy that is tailored to your requirements cannot be ignored; otherwise, you could end up over-spending or being under-insured. If you are a self-employed window cleaner, your needs are going to be different when compared with a big national firm. Also, don’t simply assume that everything from office window cleaning and domestic window cleaning to water fed pole window cleaning and gutter & fascia cleaning is covered. Not all cleaners’ insurance policies are comprehensive. 

A final point to bear in mind is that simply looking for the cheapest window cleaning liability insurance policy is a recipe for disaster. The coverage and the suitability of the insurance plan are the most important aspects. Once you are sure the policies you have short-listed are perfect for your business, you can then use price as a final determining factor, but never before.


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