Fuel Efficiency For Your Fleet

fuel efficiency

I’m a freelance copywriter, therefore, do not have a fleet of vehicles at my disposal. I know plenty of people who do or will as part of their businesses and so hopefully this post will be useful. Fuel efficiency is something we all need to think about when running a business, and when running a fleet management company this is imperative for saving money as well as keeping the machines eco-friendly.

To become fuel-efficient there are a lot of different methods of change you can try. You could consider buying new vehicles from a supplier such as Eden Commercials, changing the features to make the vehicles aerodynamic, or training drivers better. There are many ways to make your vehicles tick the fuel efficiency boxes. Here are just a few of them. 

Boost Fuel Efficiency: Don’t Brake Too Much

Braking is an essential function for any vehicle, however, it is often overused. Braking wastes energy and causes your car or any vehicle to heat up and use more fuel. Often when braking you will lose a lot of fuel and when doing this often it will have a real impact on the longevity of your fuel tank. Ensure you think before braking harshly and use your gears and accelerator to help you slow down.

Use Momentum For Fuel Efficiency

When driving a fairly modern fleet vehicle, fuel is blocked from the combustion chamber when the foot is not on the accelerator. This means that if you are braking and take your foot off the accelerator and try to start again, it will take a minute to start up again. This can waste fuel while the engine tries to heat up enough to move. For this reason, when driving it is always worth creeping along wherever you can to keep the combustion chamber running. It will ensure that you can use the momentum of the vehicle to move without using a whole lot of fuel.

Clutch Control and Fuel Efficiency

Clutch control can be your best friend when trying to practice fuel efficiency, and keeping the revs down is the best way to reduce fuel usage. Make sure to keep your revs low and this will ensure that you won’t be using any more fuel than is necessary.

Be Fuel Efficient: Employ Smart Gear Use

When driving it is important to get to know your vehicle and know when is the right time to change gears. It is important to note that the higher your gears are, the more fuel-efficient your car is. This means that when driving fleet vehicles it is useful to keep it at the highest gear possible and even skip gears when you can. This will no doubt save your business money.

Don’t Leave the Engine Running

It stands to reason that a smart way to reduce fuel consumption in your vehicle is to use less fuel. A lot of the time when travelling in a fleet vehicle you’ll need to stop for food, drink, drop-offs, and pick-ups. The worst thing you can do during these stops is to leave the engine running. Idling the engine is never a good idea and it will simply waste fuel that is not necessary. Asides from fuel efficiency this is an environmental issue.

These are just a few ideas that will help you get the most out of your fleet’s fuel and of course, are things that may be used for the same reason with your personal vehicle.


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