New Business Premises

New Business Premises

If your business is fortunate enough to be expanding, you will need to prepare new business premises ready for use. Whether this means finding a small office that suits your needs or building a large extention, planning is required. 

Getting the right support from contractors and designers will be vital if you are to create a professional finish that will be sustainable and hardwearing. After all, you don’t want to have to refit your unit again in the not too distant future. 

New Business Premises: Getting The Right Unit

The first step on your journey is going to be getting the right unit. You will have a purpose in mind and as such, this will give you an indication of the type of size, as well as any relevant site-specific information such as how the building is accessed, as well what facilities it has, and the number and size of any rooms. Also, remember to consider your budget for the project when making plans.

You may find a unit that has been used for a similar purpose to the one that you intend it for. As such, you may find that you do not need to do a complete refit to it, as it is partly reusable.

Once you have found new business premises and the lease agreements/paperwork are in place, you can start to get the assistance you need in turning the empty shell into your new place of work. 

Finding The Right Designer

You will need to get a designer on board that really understands your company, how it works, and what you need from the building. Get them to spend some time with you learning about the type of work that will go on there and what you need in terms of resources so that they can fully understand your intentions. 

They should be able to recommend materials in their design that you may need. If you are after a hardwearing floor that will last you a long time, they may recommend

New Business Premises: Engaging Contractors

You will need to bring contractors on board to complete the work on your new business premises for you. You may need to use a number of companies depending on the works that need carrying out. 

Either use a trusted company that you have used before on previous jobs or if this is not possible look for recommendations from other businesses whose premises you admire. There may be some contractors that have particular experience at delivering a certain high standard to the type of unit that you have. Make sure and follow through on any recommendations by checking reviews and testimonials. 

You will want to get a selection of quotes from a number of contractors. The quotes may offer a variety of different finishes. Discuss each option in-depth with your contractor and agree on the duration of the project. You will need to check-in periodically and liaise with the site manager for progress updates. Once the work has been completed, be sure and create a full snagging list so that your contractors can iron out any issues straight away. 

Get Your Planning Right

This is not an exhaustive list. If you are looking for new business premises though, this is a good place to start. Don’t cut corners but remember that a budget is there for a reason. With proper (and realistic) planning there is no reason why you won’t soon be enjoying the benefits of your new workspace.

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