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The whole world is on the internet in this day and age and that’s why it’s important to have a website for your business. Think about when you want to find something out about a company you’re interested in buying from – you try and find their website, right? If you want to make an impression you should not only have a killer website but one that’s going to trump all of your competition too. I’ve recently redone my work website and being mindful of the points below and it has made all of the difference.

First Impressions Matter!

Whether we like it or not, first impressions matter and your business website may be the first impression that someone has of your business. Clearly, it is incredibly important to get that first moment right with your potential customers. understand that customers judge your website within 1 second of the page loading, so they strive to create that everlasting first impression that will keep people coming back to you for more. Having a professional web designer will work in your favour. The same is true of using a professional web designer for your graphics and images. I always go to a GD friend of mine who is an ace at these things.

SEO is Your Business Website Best Friend

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most useful tactics that you can use throughout your website. Basically, it helps organic traffic find your website based on keywords that match your website. So, if you want people to find you easier, think of all of the search terms that you’d use if you wanted to stumble upon your business. If you’re a photographer, for example, you’d use keywords within your website such as ‘prestige photographer’ ‘high quality photos’ and so on. Use SEO to your advantage and you’ll gain that traffic you’re after which ultimately, will turn into sales. Do your research before plunging into a half baked SEO strategy though or you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Navigation should be easy

It’s all well and good having a business website that’s intricate with sliders and pages that glide together, but if your website isn’t easy to navigate around, people will click away to find something easier. Make sure your website is simple to find and simple to use and you’ll be onto a winner. Remember that having contact information in an easy to find place will also work in your favour.

Give them Something for Nothing

Finally, one of the best bits of advice you can receive today is this: you need to give your potential customers something for nothing if you want them to stay on your website with the eventuality of buying from you. Whether that be a piece of information in the form of an article or video or even free downloadables for them to keep is up to you. Make your website somewhere people want to be. I’m still working on this part for my website!

Keep these tips in mind and your business website will thrive!

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