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You can choose your home decor to fit with current trends on your likes, loves, experiences and personal style. I know which I prefer. We’re part-way into a home decor/makeover project and these points are things that we are considering for our own design.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can be a great way to personalise your home. Family photos will always look good, and if you put them in matching frames to suit the room they will look even better. Where the idea of framing photos originates from is quite fascinating and you can read all about it right now if you want to. 

They do not need to be photos of your current family. Pictures of parents and grandparents can look really good and can be conversation starters when new people visit.

You could also hang some artwork you or a family member has completed, or some you have bought.  Art can say a lot about a person’s likes and dislikes, and this is a great way to help personalise your home. Be it something from a gallery or a charity shop, it really is a case of whatever floats your boat.

Home Decor Colours

Forget the latest trends in colours. The ones for your home should be your favourites, not someone else’s. You have to remember that it is you and your family that are living there. If the latest trend for deep reds and purples does not suit your rooms, then don’t even consider them. The way you combine your colours is as unique as you, so never be afraid to have blues and greens together, for instance, if that is your choice. I’m more a darker grey, white, cream and copper girl. This appeals to my sense of drama!

Show Where You Have Been

If you have a few souvenirs from places you have travelled to don’t hide them away. In fact, do the opposite and perhaps have a travel cabinet that shows everyone the different countries or counties you have enjoyed. Adding a few postcards and photos are a good way of showcasing your memories, and are another great way to break the ice with new visitors. We’re not big travellers personally, being staycation fans however that works too.


Incorporate your hobbies as part of your decor! As regular readers will know, it’s all about geekery in the Cawood house. We’re big Dungeons and Dragons fans, with a smattering of Warhammer and so elves, goblins, dwarves and more are very much a part of our dining room/gaming room design. We’re looking to do even more on this theme over the coming months.

In Summary

At the end of the day, your home is what you make of it and the way you do that should be totally up to you. If you want an orc in your kitchen and a unicorn in the bathroom, go for it!


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