How To Manage Your Pain And Still Enjoy Life

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One of the most exhausting things that we can deal with in life (trust me), is pain. Pain comes in all different shapes and sizes and can really begin to affect your life. It’s consuming and may even restrict the things that you do, meaning you have to alter your life.  Sadly sometimes there isn’t a magic cure that can just make everything go away, so instead, you have to learn how to manage the issue without letting it affect you.

This is something that I am very familiar with.  I have ongoing pain for a number of issues. I’m very grateful to the NHS for their help with management and working towards dealing with the issues but in the meantime, I’m finding ways to manage the pain myself.

If I could offer one piece of advice it would be that you need to know that it’s ok to admit that you’re in physical pain.  There’s no room for the stiff upper lip when it comes to such things. Make sure that you speak to your GP/healthcare provider and make sure that your mental health is being helped too. Ongoing physical pain can and does have a knock-on effect on your mental outlook and may cause or contribute to additional issues.

Here are a couple of examples that you can explore until you find something that works for you.

Organic Remedies

There are remedies out there that are completely organic, and come from natural plants and herbs, like turmeric and kava. You can even find 100% full extract cannabis oil that you simply drop underneath your tongue and keep it there for around three minutes, as that way it enters your bloodstream almost immediately, taking effect right away. This then essentially relaxes your muscles and relieves any pain you’re feeling. It has even been shown to help individuals that suffer from Parkinson’s, as it reduces shaking – if not stopping it completely by calming down the nervous system altogether.

I am all for organic and holistic treatments but firmly believe that they should be used alongside medical help and/or with your doctor/specialist’s approval, not as an alternative to proper medical aid.

Deep Breathing for Pain Relief

This may sound rather silly, especially if you know the level of pain that you suffer with, but it’s still worth a try. This isn’t just slowly breathing in and out, it’s more than that – a form of meditation if you will. It all comes down to the power of your mind, and how you can control your body by focusing your energy on one source, like breathing. Find somewhere quiet, relax your mind, close your eyes if this helps, and listen to the sound of your breathing. Shut everything out that’s around you and feel your chest rising and falling. You may want to play some light music in the background that’s calming for you. You can even light a candle and focus on that, as well as some incense to create a spa-like environment for you. Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand (I have a mindfulness diploma and meditate). It’s worth looking up.

Physical Activity

Bear with me on this one. Whether physical activity can benefit you will depend on your individual circumstances. I, for example, may benefit from specialist pilates, geared toward those with issues rather than wanting to do pilates for exercise alone. I am on a waiting list for such pilates sessions and hopefully they will help! Don’t overdo it and remember to speak to your healthcare team before starting any new exercise if you are a long-term pain sufferer.

If you do suffer from chronic pain I hope you find ways to manage it as well as possible.

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