Dental Procedures Questions Answered

DentalKnowledge is the key to beating your fears. This break down of dental procedures will help you understand better what your dentist might be talking about when he or she puts together a dental plan for you.

They say that the best way to tackle a fear is straight on, which is exactly what this article is going to do. Here I look at common dental procedures and what they entail. 

Bridges and Implants

I know what you’re thinking, what is a dental implant? Well, if you need one of these, chances are you have some missing teeth. Dental implants play the part of a root in your gum, which is used to support your new or replacement teeth. A bridge is a false tooth or set of teeth that are anchored in by the real teeth around them. They’re a little more hardwearing than your traditional set of dentures that grandma might have worn!


You might have already experienced these are a child! But did you know that adult braces are becoming more and more common? A brace is a dental procedure that corrects bite problems and corrects the alignment of teeth, creating a straighter smile. It uses small amounts of pressure over a period of time to move the teeth into position.

Crowns and Caps

Got a broken tooth? If you’ve ever bitten down on something and felt a crunch that wasn’t your chocolate bar, chances are that you might need a crown! Crowns and caps are referred to as restorative dental work, and these crowns and caps protect your damaged and broken teeth. Dental crowns sit over the top of your tooth – or the part that is showing above your gum line.


Oh dear. An extraction is what happens when you have a tooth that is beyond repair or hope. Your tooth could be damaged due to disease or other dental issues. In some cases, teeth may need to be extracted for orthodontic work. But don’t worry, dental practices have state of the art equipment and use the latest sedation and anaesthesia techniques to help with pain and discomfort; you won’t feel a thing!

Root Canals

If you’re suffering with a tooth that is diseased or you’re suffering with abscesses, then your dentist might recommend root canal treatment.  If your tooth gets cracked or broken then it quickly fills up with germs and all sorts of harmful bacteria, this will need to be removed as soon as possible, dentists do this by opening the tooth up and cleaning the infected tissue. Then this will be filled and sealed up. Good as new!


You may be familiar with the term, as veneers are very popular with your favourite celebrities! Veneers are a cosmetic procedure and are durable, tough but very thin pieces of ceramic or resin material. These are bonded to each individual tooth. Ideal for covering stained teeth, or teeth that have become chipped or decayed. It’s also great for closing gaps in between teeth!


If, of course, your anxiety or fear about dental procedures is not something that a better understanding of the basic procedures is going to help speak to your dentist about your fears. There may be a number of ways that the experience may be managed differently in order to help you get the treatment that you need.


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