Why You Need to Read the Expiration Date on E-Liquids

I gave up smoking 12 years ago and have never looked back. It wasn’t easy though! Had vaping been around back then I expect I’d have quit much sooner, and found it much easier. While I don’t vape myself I’ve seen the benefits of it to many ex-smoker that I know and on that basis am something of a fan. This guest post helps those vaping to make sure they know why the expiration date on their e-liquids are important so is a good read and one to bookmark for future reference.

A common myth associated with the expiry date of food items is that the date featured is often inaccurate. Thereby, it is normal for you to wonder if your vape e-liquids could actually expire or not. However, there is no such research that completely testifies that an e-liquid would expire or not in the prescribed time. The ambiguity thus makes it increasingly important for you to know about the different factors affecting the lifespan of an e-liquid to make an informed decision.

Empower Yourself

The expiry date of e-liquids are rough estimations. However, you need to adhere to them at all costs. This means, even if you think an e-liquid is safe for consumption, do not risk consuming it after the expiry date. Similarly, since the research pertaining to vape and e-liquids are gradually surfacing, it is a good idea to keep yourself up to date with recent happenings. Make it a point to read vaping blogs regularly to acquire knowledge about the different aspects of vaping. One blog worth staying up to date with is the VapersWAREHOUSE vaping blog which regularly updates readers with blog posts each month so vapours can stay up to date with new laws, trends and tips with vaping.

Today, many individuals are not aware of the dos and don’ts pertaining to vaping and e-liquids, which makes it difficult to choose between the good, bad, and ugly. Reading blogs and acquiring knowledge is the first step to making a difference.

While it is extremely unlikely for an expired e-liquids to cause you any major physical issues, the industry has not been explored adequately, adding to the ambiguity. The best way to go about vaping e-liquids is to consume the juice within a time span of 1-2 years to avoid consuming anything that has been spoilt. The last thing you’d want is to consume something that tastes foul or bad.

Shelf Life of E-Liquids

Generally, the expiry date prescribed on an e-liquid is an approximate estimation. At present, there is no regulatory body to manage the expiry date of a juice bottle. However, it also does not imply that the expiry date listed is incorrect.

On an average, an e-liquid flavour is likely to last anytime between one or two years. This estimation is based on the approximate shelf life of PG, nicotine and VG. However, there are also other ingredients that are used to manufacture an e-liquid.

The type of flavour also has an impact on the shelf life. This essentially means that if you have an e-liquid with 2-actetylpyrazine, the approximate shelf life of the product is five years. On the other hand, if a juice is made using vanillin, then the shelf life will be approximately two years. Thereby, the shelf life may vary depending on the primary ingredient, but on an average, an e-liquid will last for two years.

How To Judge If An E-Liquid Has Expired?

There is no such way definite formula or parameter to judge if an e-liquid has expired. However, the first thing that has an impact on the lifespan of an e-liquid is the storage condition of the product. So, if an e-liquid is stored in an unfavourable condition such as exposure to sunlight, chances are that it will expire sooner than the estimated time. Furthermore, even if you have placed your e-liquid in appropriate storage conditions, it is always a good idea to check it thoroughly before consuming it.

It is a normal phenomenon that the heavier sediments tend to settle at the bottom of fluids. Thus, shaking the bottle vigorously can help. However, if the compounds do not mix, there is a high probability that the e-liquid has gone stale. It needs to be noted that some e-liquids do not completely mix even if they are new. So, this situation only implies to those e-liquids that have experienced a new separation.

Thus, if the expiry of an e-juice is near, it is a good idea to inspect it before consumption. Your judgement can be based on the smell, oxidation, sediments, and texture of the e-liquid. If your intuition says that the juice has gone bad, do not risk using it. The last thing you’d want is to compromise your health for a small bottle of e-liquid.

Important Takeaways

  • There is no defined way to establish the expiry date of a vape juice. However, if you correctly store the e-liquid, it can last for almost 1-2 years. The lifespan of an e-liquid depends on VG, PG and nicotine.
  • Since an e-liquid is made using a blend of different juices, there is a high probability that it can spoil sooner than the expiry date.
  • If an e-liquid is kept static for some time, the sediment starts to settle. This way, the chances of your e-juice going bad increases.
  • Similar to other food items, if your e-liquid smells sour or changes its texture, it is an indicator that your juice has expired.




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