A Social Media Break: Much Need Quiet

social media break

I’m taking a social media break for a week. I’ve a crazy busy work week from tomorrow and need some quiet, distraction-free, head-down writing time. I won’t be reading PM or DM messages but my emails will be open for anyone who feels the need to bypass social media and email me (i.e. for work). Family and close friends have my mobile number.

I haven’t done this for… ever, I don’t think. There’s a lot of noise everywhere at the moment though, mostly digitally and with only one full week left before the school holidays start I need (and want) to focus on the work, and on me! Noise can be very pressing sometimes when you’re staring at a to-do list and can’t hear yourself think, let alone work.

Am I the only one who finds themselves overwhelmed sometimes by social media? Between Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others, I’m brilliantly connected yet sometimes I need a break. I use SM a lot for my freelance copywriting business and it’s a great way to find new clients, communicate with fellow freelancers and so on. It can also be a massive time suck. Notifications, fear of missing out, more notifications; a social media break is definitely much needed.

The plan, after my break, is to automate some of my business social media posts, to look carefully at accounts, their ROI and decide how much time I really need to spend on there, to unlike or unfollow pages and leave groups that are no longer relevant. Great to share info with friends and family, to keep up with local events and of course to spread the word about your business, social media can be a negative if it takes up too much time, energy and focus. Time to be a bit more selective, I think. There are only twenty-four hours in the day after all. 

Here’s to a  social media break and blissfully quiet and productive week.


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