Access to Art for All

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We, as humans, are incredibly lucky to have access to a wonderfully versatile range of pieces of art from around the globe. So many hours, years and so much skill has been spent on tracking down valuable historical pieces, viewing modern art, and art in so many forms. More time still has been spent painstakingly preserving items and cataloguing them.

I am one of those people who was told at school (at the end of an art class) that everyone should take a creative subject but that in my case there should be an exception. My stickmen are “ok” however past that my artistic ability is somewhat “vague” for the want of a better term.

Thankfully you don’t need to possess artistic talent to appreciate art, and I have appreciation in buckets. Appreciation, awe, wonder, amazement and so much more. A picture can make me cry, a sculpture can make me stop and think; it would be a very poor world indeed without art in it.

Thankfully, these days you don’t need to live in a city or have the time and money to visit an art gallery in order to get your fix and to find new pieces or discover new artists to appreciate. Over one hundred of history’s highest regarded pieces of art have been collated into a digital online art gallery, allowing everyone access for FREE.
The collection is called a “Timeline of Art” and allows you to view pieces from the early Renaissance era all the way to more modern pieces.

With so many wonderful pieces of art out there one has to wonder how Cadogan Tate decided which pieces were worthy enough to be included. The answer is, they didn’t! You did. Data from Google Trends which looked at which pieces of art were most commonly searched for was used to form this popular art collection.

For students of all ages and specialities to those like me who have a keen appreciation for various artistic styles, as well as the history behind them, this new easy to view collection is something of a boon!

What famous piece of art comes first to your mind?



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