Storebox Storage for Santa

When it comes to house styling, I wouldn’t say I was a minimalist by any stretch but I’m not a clutter fan. Considering this my heart really does go out to Mrs Claus. The poor woman must be climbing the walls at this time of year, with gifts of all shapes and sizes on every surface, behind every door, in piles on the floor and I’ll wager all round The Claus’ personal residence too.

The world is growing, the population numbers are rising and you know what that means, don’t you? More children to deliver presents to for Christmas day.

I have it on good authority that Mrs Claus has Storebox on speed-dial and with Santa storage statistics such as these below, I’m not surprised. She could have insisted on an extension on the Lapland warehouses however who has time for contractors running all over the place when it comes to the busiest season of the year?


After you’ve finished considering the sheer amount of storage space needed to store Santa’s goodies I have a question for you. Where do YOU store Christmas presents? We have a high cupboard we stash things in. Being 5ft 2″ (if I stretch) I need a chair to get anywhere near it, although my giant 6ft 5″ husband is just fine. Ther are no worries about the boys reaching our Christmas storage spot anytime soon. What about you?


*Written in collaboration with Storebox who provided this fun infographic.

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