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  1. Really interesting. I have to avoid all SLS, SLA’s and parabens as they make my scalp break out in hives and spots, which means that most of the inexpensive products are out for me!

    I use whatever inexpensive shampoo and conditioner i can get from the bargain isle t TK Maxx! Then I use a liz earl serum, which is ace on the ends and really helps with keeping in moisture and then I go with Aveda curly products or straight if I am going to take time to straighten.

    Straightening is a chore, but it means I only need to wash one a week.

    1. I had my hair straightened by a hairdresser and with very swanky straighteners. It took a full two hours and was curly back up at the back by late that evening and was complete curls the next day after a quick shower. Needless to say, that’s out for me. Thankfully I love the curl but not the bulk. Even when it’s been thinned, layered or generally hacked at I literally can’t leave the house without washing and adding mousse at least because as it dries it expands like foam (my hair). It’s uncanny. I must do a video some time.

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