Our Easter Weekend

When it comes to the Easter weekend we have our own traditions, and many of them involve wearing PJs.

Good Friday

Friday was the ONE day of the long weekend guaranteed decent weather so we took advantage and enjoyed a long 5 mile walk (true to form it was the one day I forgot to switch on my pedometer app). For those who don’t know we are up in North Yorkshire and in my humble opinion thre isn’t a place more lovely anywhere.


After our walk and a much healthier lunch we enjoyed board games and just generally hanging out together.


Saturday was a true day of rest. There were art and crafts, Easter movies,  more family games, some baking but of course all was done in the comfort of our PJs.



After checking to see if the Easter Bunny had been for Roy and the boys (as Taylor puts it “Mummy didn’t want anything because she is liquorice (lactose!) intolerant”) we settled down to a breakfast of chocolate brioche. The boys get one egg and one little treat which was a net of Easter chocolate coins this year and so we didn’t want to break up the mini haul too early.

After breakfast was some binge-watching of our favourite Fort Boyard shows (we pick teams to support and cheer for) there was the annual boiled egg decorating session. Special mention must be made of my C3PO.

Easter collage

The rest of the day was mainly back to chilling  out and the boys had some digital time.

Not an overly busy weekend but relaxed, quiet, fun and no-one is suffering from a chocolate hangover which I’m calling a win. Roy’s back to work tomorrow and I’ll be working around the boys (morning and night when they are in bed)  so while they are on hols still the magic of the Bank Hol weekend will have passed.

What did you get up to?

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