Sharing Your Own Childhood Reads

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I’m very lucky in that both of my children are keen readers / enjoy story time. Taylor starts school in September and I look forward to him learning to read for himself and Kieran constantly has his nose in a book!

This is a quick post to share something that tickled me greatly last night. I chose this fabulous somewhat weathered copy of The Magic Paintbrush from the bookshelf for Taylor’s story last night. Within minutes I had Kieran perched on the end of the bed listening too.

This was one of my favourite books when I was little and this is the very same copy I enjoyed. Kieran loved the story as well as the pictures and the history behind the book when he was Taylor’s age and so it was great to see them both so keen to share one of my childhood reads.

Have you re-read any of the books you enjoyed when younger with your children? We have plenty to get through! While Taylor is lapping up my old Ladybird books and Kieran my old books more suited to his age I’m not sure either will share my love for The Chalet School!

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  1. Those old ladybird books are the best!
    I enjoyed reading Oscar Wilde stories to mine when they were little – especially The Selfish Giant and The Happy Prince – though cannot get to the end of The Happy Prince without crying 🙁

    1. Oh bless! I have a book of Yorkshire Tales (Mum’s side) that’s a bit gory in places so am holding off a little longer to share and an Irish one (Dad’s side) I have put by as well as the usual “old favourites”.

  2. I am just introducing Libby to Mallory Towers by have started buying up old Chalet Schools for her! I loved those as a child. I managed to get the boys to read The Borrowers, which Tom really enjoyed. So far my reading of Toms Midnight Garden had been met with boredom (!). But Libby is more responsive and we read White Boots together. Sadly I cannot find all my old books which saddens me greatly but we are lucky to have good second hand shops in York where I’ve picked up a few old versions. I really want the old Cinderella as I loved her dresses in that so much.

    1. I love that ours seem to love the traditional tales as much as the more modern / funky popular titles.
      Clearly I’m just going to have to come to your house for my Elinor Brent-Dyer fix!

  3. I completely forgot about this book. Wow it brought back memories, I loved this. I bought five little kittens for my boys and they loved it. One of my favourites x

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