The New, Improved and Fabulously Fruity Panda Drinks


Who remembers those iconic blue coloured fizzy drinks which were a special treat (I remember them from the ice cream van or at the school disco)? They were Panda Drinks, great fun and lovely tasting.

Bringing their brand up to date so that our own children may enjoy the same quality of flavour with a healthy slant Panda Drinks have relaunched and released a new range of drinks. We were sent a selection of fruit flavoured waters and juices to try. Needless to say they didn’t last two minutes as the boys loved them! Panda Splash, the orange and pineapple flavoured water as well as blackcurrant flavour as well as the new Panda Still Juice range including blackcurrant and raspberry flavours look set to be every bit as popular, if not more so, that their earlier counterparts.

These new “no nasties” drinks are both delicious and perfect for packed lunch boxes. With schools employing a firm policy against what are deemed unhealthy foods and drinks in school pack-ups these new Panda Drinks bottles fit in nicely. Hydration boosting and perfectly sized (250ml) for little hands Taylor (3yrs) loved taking his to nursery. The sports caps make these easy to open and close and of course are considerably less messy than straw drinks and open bottle lids.

Currently available at Asda, Tesco and Ocado and priced at £1.99 for a six bottle multi-pack these work out competitively priced and in many Tesco stores Panda Squash is now available in one litre bottles for a very reasonable 99p each. With a number of new flavours to discover including the new tropical and summer fruits there is something here for everyone.

For school packed lunches, carpet picnics (we spread blankets out in the lounge for our picnics now the colder, wetter autumn weather has arrived!) and for on the go we love the new Panda Drinks which offer everything we look for as parents (health benefits, no rubbish, easy to use bottles and a decent price) and of course the kids love the flavours.

They may not be blue and fizzy anymore however Panda Drinks are still as special now as they were then, simply more focused on what we are looking for in a soft drink for children in 2014

Splash! Panda Drinks

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