Car Insurance Shopping Warning

We bought a new car this week which meant of course looking for new car insurance. As you are supposed to I used the comparison websites in order to get the best deal as well as contacting my usual insurers however none of these worked out the best deal for me.

When looking for insurance we want a company who know what they are talking about, who don’t expect an excess equivalent to the value of a kidney on the black market and who are competitively priced yet include all of the features that we need.

Using the comparisons certainly weeded out a few insurers who seem to think highway robbery is fine and dandy in 2014 however I found myself frustrated by some of the prices quoted, knowing I’ve had better in the past. In the end I took out a very competitive policy from a car insurance company not on any of the comparisons which has worked out cheaper with extras added in.

I posted previously about saving money this summer, being more frugal with our living costs and reducing bills and as part of this I was determined to find the absolute best deal, and did. My advice for you is to use the insurance comparison websites by all means however really shop around using sites such as this site to fine the best deal for you and to ensure that you get the most for your money. I hate paying over the odds and had I been caught up in the baby meerkat stuffed toy frenzy I certainly would have been.

Do the leg work (which still doesn’t take very long in the age of the internet) and make sure you don’t pay more than you have to!

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