Fabulous Home Office Supplies

The fact that I am a stationery tart will come as no surprise to regular readers, or indeed anyone who has dared venture into my office. When the lovelies from http://www.paperstone.co.uk/ got in touch and asked (obviously having heard about my need for a well-stocked home office) if they could send me some goodies I decided it would be rude to refuse.

Now I know I get easily excited but LOOK!


This came as part of the package and as well as being great fun to look at, it makes grabbing tape quick and easy (and reduces wasted time spent breaking nails and swearing while trying to find the end of a sellotape roll). My 7 year old has his eyes on this and has been told in no uncertain terms the answer is no.

Roy has his eye on my new Sharpies and has been told he may borrow them as and when needed provided that they are returned to their rightful place in the pen caddy. I’m not sure what he meant when he saluted me but I assume it was a show of respect for my authority over all things stationery.


This gorgeous brown Silvine notebook, with lined pages and a ribbon marker is described on the website as an executive ruled notebook and therefore this is clearly just for me. I tend to use cheap and cheerful scribble pads for paper notes however there are some projects and tasks that deserve a little more.



Needless to say I am quite tickled by this bonus package of home office items, not simply because of the fact that I have new shiny stationery items to fawn over but also because I have found a retailer who will offer quality items at a reasonable price. Up until recently I had bought my work supplies at a local copy shop however the shop has now closed up and moved out of town so is no longer convenient for me.

Having done a comparison search on items I use for work I was pleased to find that Paperstone did offer competitive pricing, an easy to use website and now I know they offer free gifts when you spend certain amounts, they have become my business supplier of choice.

This decision had nothing to do with the fact that the final item in my goodie parcel were these…


All joking aside, as a small business owner working out of my home it is essential that I don’t waste money on items that are “cheap” as opposed to affordable. Keeping my overheads and expenses to a minimum is important and choosing suppliers and service providers carefully is a part of the money saving process.

Now I just need to find someone to help me cut down the cost of my coffee habit during work hours!


*I was sent these stationery goodies for free with no expectation of a positive review. As it happens I am glad I’ve found the company (or they found me) as they have indeed been penned in as my stationery suppliers moving forward, a welcome bonus on top of the Kit Kats!

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